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December 13, 2011


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I don't know what people will think about this, but:

So I just watched a documentary called The perfect vagina, looking at how girls feel about what they have. I have honestly NEVER thought about it before... But now it's got me wondering,
What do people consider as the perfect vagina?
Of course we all know they come in different shapes, sizes etc, but what do people think ..
When I think of a vagina I think of shaven, with the vulva only visible a little, since that's all you see when you learn in sex education really. I don't even know what mine looks like really.. I've never cared. But I'm realizing that people do get made fun of for something that the general public can't even see. I don't understand.
Do people often get made fun of for their vagina's? Why would people do that?
Honestly, I didn't even know your vagina changed with puberty, why don't they teach us that?
I guess I feel that mine still looks, young? If that makes sense.

If anyone feels like responding.. I'm wondering..
Have you ever considered what your vagina looks like?
Guys, do you actually take notice to how we look down there?
Have you ever been so attracted to a girl, but then saw her vagina and suddenly got unattracted to her?
Do you think labiaplasties should even exist? Girl's as young as 16 have gotten them, should there be a higher age limit?

Honestly, yeah I've seen different looking vaginas, and I've never thought twice about it really. I didn't know it was that big of a deal to people.

I'm just curious to what other people think of vagina's.
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russellcattle Featured By Owner May 17, 2014

"What is the perfect vagina? "

This is a philosphical question, and since all of Western philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato, according to Alfred North Whitehead, it is to Plato we must turn. 

According to Plato's Theory of Forms (or Theory of Ideas), the perfect anything, whether vagina, soul, table, weed-whacker, etc., exists as an abstraction in its own metaphysical realm. 

All the vaginas here in the material world that have ever existed, or ever will exist, are more or less approximations or copies of the Ideal Vagina.  

So, is it possible for us to have knowledge of such Ideal forms?  Can the intellect truly grasp the noumena behind the phenomena that is know as "Vagina"?   

Maybe, if the Sage of Konigsberg is to be believed.  I refer to the philosopher Immanuel Kant, whose last name, if given the proper German pronunciation, happens to sound very much like an English slang word for "vagina".   Coincidence?  I think not!

simondragon Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
Personally I like big inner lips that poke out and say "lick me" (sometimes called outies). Shaven or landing strip are both good. But they are all good really.
nice example…
toesuckerlv Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The perfect vagina? It doesn't exist!
But of all the cute pussy I've seen ,and had, i love them shaved clean, with no hair at all. I shave too, so I know it can b a pain, but so worth the trouble.
The best thing I love about pussy is the taste! There is nothing better than a 69 when she sits up on your face and gently grinds that sweet spot on your face! The sweet sticky cum running out of her right onto my tounge, & down my throat.., I can do it for @ least an hour, I would go longer ,but either my tounge is tired or she is so worked up she can't take anymore lol.
I love pussy! So yummy!
MeezerMan Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I think the perfect vagina belongs to my wife! (Check my gallery) I've fingered, sucked, licked, vibratored, tickled, whipped, tongued, dildoed, slapped, bit, lubricated, and kissed it hundreds of times. My most vibrant fantasy is to have another person - man or woman - finger or suck my wife's cunt, making her writhe and squirm and moan until she cums again and again.

Either veiled and covered, or exposed naked to the sky, it can arouse both man and woman. It is her ultimate vulnerability.

You can fondle a woman's breasts, and she could still maintain control of her emotions. But when you have her pussy, she is doomed to whatever actions are imposed upon her. It's essentially what makes a woman a woman. It IS her sex.
ixDarknesss Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
Lol The Perfect Vagina. Here let me offer a very simply opinion put from someone with alot of experience, no bullshitting, and the best part it is, Im actually not an asshole, but to the point. It doesnt really matter what it looks like, to me and alot of the people I know. The feel of it does yes. Having a "Sexy, or cute, etc Vag" isnt important, its a bonus. I prefer when the lips of them arent long and longer on one side than the other dramatically, and its "Firm". Obviously it has to also be tight, and tightness isnt just measured by you, its also how big the guy is. A guy cant say youre loose if he has a fuckin twizzler dick. I mean, yeah Ive seen some "Ugly" Vaginas and have had conversations with friends about that mutual sex partner and wed laugh and joke but it was never serious, we were by all means joking. THEN AGAIN, everybody is different. Some people have fetishes for that, like obsessions with oral and they spend alot of time looking at it and being close to it so thats why they might become unattracted but Ive never known anyone whod lose love or a good relationship over it. This is a good question though. Btw, when you get older, it wont happen for a while lol, but itll start to sag down and your walls will dry out, its actually a big factor in divorces, same with erectile dysfunction. Oh yeah and some people, like to keep a patch of hair above their vag, some even shape it, lol one of my exes had a thin nautical star made of hair, it was actually pretty badass that she can do that with a razor.
CuddlesnCuffs Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a man, and I've always thought of the vagina as being yucky, an always unattractive part of the body. Both in person and seeing it in pictures. I avoid penetration during sex, or at least put it off to the last possible moment. Still, there is a kind of value in it, knowing that you have access to the most intimate and sexual and hotly contested part of the female body. I find the face, eyes, hair, neck and abdomen much more attractive.

That said, there is a PROFOUND difference between seeing a girl naked in a picture and seeing her naked in person. In person, there is an emotional connection, a sort of love and adoration that I feel that completely ignores any physical imperfections or any aspects that I don't consider ideal. The fact that someone is there in front of me, in their most mentally and emotionally vulnerable state, has a huge emotional impact on me.
jaiden26 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
I would have to say yes to both, I do take notice at the appearance of a girl's vagina, and have been turned off by a few of them even though I was attracted to the rest of the girl.  That being said, I have never and would never kick a girl out of bed based solely on the appearance of her genitals.

I prefer shaven and, how do I describe this, tight looking?'s nice when there aren't loose labias, or as another poster put it, when it doesn't look like roast beef.  To be honest though, the only thing the appearance of a vagina will stop me from doing is going down on it.
kiwinuck Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
for me, I think all vaginas are beautiful.  I've seen them in all shapes, sizes, and a few colours, and as long as they are clean, they are beautiful.  I prefer a little hair or shaved, but that's just a preference.  As to lips, I think a bit of meat on the lips is great (a few naughty things to be done... ;) ) Personally I don't think labiaplasties should be cosmetic surgery, sure their may be a few exceptions, but on the whole as comparable to nose jobs.  Everyone is unique, embrace it
BondagePublishing Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
I can honestly say that that is the weirdest question I have heard today.

I have never thought about that before, but I guess My thought of a perfect vagina would be one that the woman in question(I'm a man) is happy with.
Whyte-Man Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
I had a gay friend once tell me that he doesn't like them because "they all look like roast beef" XD
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